Ring of Fire

I’m not sure when I became interested in cock rings. They weren’t anything I had ever thought about until my 40s, I guess. Yes, I had seen them in sex shops and online on sex toy sites.  

However I had always liked getting my balls squeezed during sex. It feels so good. So one day I decided to buy a set of three plastic rings to try them out.

I loved them. I usually only use the largest one that goes over the base of my cock and my balls. It feels amazing. The squeezing action on my balls is great. It makes them feel tight. I guess that is the point. After a few minutes the sensation gets better and better. And if my balls get fondled when wearing a ring it is super.  

I don’t know if it makes my performance any different, you’d have to ask my wife. But it sure feels good! The tightness is super. It makes my balls stand out.

When I orgasm with it on it feels so good, too.

I sometimes wear one to have a wank too. For the same reason as it feels so good. I have also tried 2 rings at one. The large one over cock and balls and a small one just on the shaft. Not sure it makes much difference really. The best bit is the one over my balls.  
It can be tricky to put it on though. 

If you haven’t tried one please do. You might be pleasantly surprised.