I grew up in the 70s and am a male. I may have looked at porn mags. In fact, I may have plucked up the courage to go into the local ‘scud’ mag newsagent and bought such a periodical. That is a male ‘coming’ of age ritual that is no longer experienced in this digital age. Unfortunately, to my mind.

Another thing apparently not experienced in porn today is pubic hair.


I love a bushy pussy. Probably because of my first encounters with images of naked women in the above mentioned publications I have always had a penchant for hair.


A pussy framed with bushy hair is just ‘normal’ to me. It is also so sexy too. There’s nothing I like better than going down on a nice  bush. Whether it is wild, or trimmed I love it.



Whilst I would never say to anyone not to shave down there, it is, of course, their decision, if asked for a preference I would say, let it grow, let it grow!


Although for myself, I prefer shaved balls and a bush above. Hey, you didn’t expect consistency!













6 thoughts on “In Praise Of Pubic Hair

  1. I love how pubes look on other women, just not how they look and feel on me. I am a dedicated shaver but I do it because that is how I like it.



    1. Hi Molly

      Whilst I do have a penchant for a hairy bush, especially in a photo, I really don’t mind in real life.
      Whatever the owner of the pussy in question likes is good enough for me. I would never want to dictate, or even suggest what they do with their own pubic hair.

      I love them all! 😉


  2. I tried to grow mine, I lasted two weeks before it drove me completely insane and I shaved the damn thing off again. I have no feelings either way on someone else but I find it feels awful.


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